January 14 2021 horoscopes

Is it time you made something official? This is set to be a year packed with connections, collaborations and meetings of minds — with you at the heart of it all. Get ready to find your people, improve your relationships and make some big decisions about how you want to live your life. Finding a fresh way to deal with a partnership that matters at work or in your personal life around June could pay off perfectly later in the year.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Think swapping roles, letting go or simply learning to accept the status quo. Your career Expect the unexpected in your career this year. Your love life You might want to put a giant red ring around the end of June in your diary. Love is all Leo needs in and it might be time to make a very big decision in that department.

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A messy February that feels like an ending could turn out to be the best kind of new beginning for you. The more you think outside the box, the better things get this year. The rules only apply if you want them too. And the intimacy you crave should find its way to you by the summer. This is it, Leo.

The better you feel, the better life flows for you this year — and flow it will. Get ready for positive changes in your home life, next-level family news and dreams come true in your career. A job, project or business idea you put your heart and soul into in is about to pay off.

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Expect success, accolades and some long-awaited cash in the bank by the end of the year. Something that has the potential to make a real difference to the world.

Okay, now jump to your Moon sign:

A twist-of-fate in your favour around June could send you stratospheric. Ali Pantony. Relationship issues that arise in the first half of the year should resolve themselves in the second. If you spent stuck in a rut and second-guessing your life choices, prepare to feel the opposite in This year is all about expansion, learning and new horizons for you.

Think good vibes, good times and good ideas at just the right moment. Your luck is in. Spend the summer writing your novel, crafting something beautiful or working on your passion project and the recognition you crave will soon follow. Something you share publically towards the end of the year is the key to your long-term success.

Aries Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

Your love life Swipe right, shake things up or book a second honeymoon — love looks lit for Libra in And things could start hotting up for you as early as March. Use your diplomatic powers to your advantage as the year ends and you might be able to swerve some difficult home truths. Thinking about stepping on to the property ladder? Or starting or adding to a family? Know that it will all be worth it. Expect a confidence boost in May and a much-needed cash injection at the start of December. Your career Ready to level up, Scorpio?

And if you have to speculate to accumulate, so be it. Promotions, pay rises and lucky breaks could all be headed your way towards the end of May and the same goes for the recognition you deserve in August.

Panchang • Thursday, January 14, 2021

And by spring your luck will be well and truly in. Think flings, fun and serious flirtation, with some next-level romance headed your way in June. Your vibe Talk about a power year! Perhaps you have a story to tell? Or a healing way with words? Or the urge to share a truth that can change the world? Writing, speaking or hitting the big time on social media could all be part of your future in Be ready to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin than ever before. This year sees you making your health and wellbeing as much of a priority as your work — and not before time.

Your love life Ready to settle down, Sag? A fresh start in a relationship that means a lot to you could change your path in June and the start of October sees your charm factor rocket off the scale. Your vibe If last year was your power year then this is one where you finally get to reap the rewards. Big projects, risky decisions and gut feelings you had in all look likely to pay off in actual hard cash!

Your card is marked for success, status and the kind of long-term security that matters to you most. There could even be a shake up on the cards. Your love life This could be a year of big change for you. A battle between love and freedom that ended badly in could take a turn for the better in The bad news is, it might take a while. Your vibe This is your year, Aquarius. Be ready to embrace it! Your career Fire up your imagination and dress for success, your creative mind is your key to success in Your luck is in in May and June when you could strike gold with a big idea or brand new passion project.

Expect the unexpected and a serious cash injection as spring becomes summer. A fun flirtation could become something special in June, just in time for a serious summer of love. This is a year to think beyond the ordinary and refuse to tow the romantic line. The lucky numbers for Libras are 22, 56, 4, 9, and The effects of Mercury retrograde are different for each person, depending on the houses and signs transiting their natal chart, and also on the aspects formed with the natal planets.

In general, the people born under the signs with Mercury retrograde in transit, and the people with the ascendant in those signs feel more strongly the influence of the retrograde planet. During this period, some complicated situations related to money will occur. It can be some older debts, which you need to pay, or if you have to receive money, some delays could occur. This is not a good period for any kind of financial transaction. It is time for Gemini to think more about their health.

Their unbalanced lifestyle, lack of sleep, and excessive work bring them nothing but problems. Some of them will be forced to adopt a diet or to undergo treatment in the second half of December. Venus retrograde makes Cancers wish to express their feelings, love, and romanticism towards someone very special. During the period before Christmas, the chance to solve some family issues might occur, which were delayed for some time.

2021 Horoscope Sign by Sign:

Conflicts with the people close to you will occur, caused by some inheritance, taking responsibilities, or respecting some moral principles. During the four months of Jupiter retrograde, it will determine all twelve zodiac signs to make reevaluations and reviews in those life domains in which it will be retrograde.

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  6. Jupiter will force you to review major life projects including the way you see your marriage , business partnerships, collaborations, contracts, conflicts, and processes. From July, you will start to detach from the people, ideas, projects, or premises with which you resonated until now. For some people, it could be the perfect moment to buy a house, renovate or increase it, or to think of moving alone, relocating farther away from parents to enjoy more freedom of movement.

    Without a doubt, Saturn retrograde will bring its lessons.

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    6. Saturn is the planet of karma, discipline, structures, and limits. It encourages us to overcome tough situations, to make wise decisions, and to do everything we need to do to become responsible adults. We can never stop learning, and those born in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces must understand this during Saturn retrograde through the house of high education. Those born under these signs have a serious approach towards their career, which is why they need to periodically update their knowledge, to find out what is new, what discoveries take place in their activity domain.

      It is useful, especially for these signs, to spend more time in the middle of nature, and to choose healthier food. But especially to spend more time with the people that make them happy. Additionally, 5 minutes of daily meditation or prayer can bring greater benefits than we would think. Uranus is the planet of freedom, so it is the one who breaks the chains of everything that makes us feel bound, it tears down walls, it is that revel that breaks with tradition with no regrets to make room for new ways towards the future. It is a rebel with cause and purpose — to open new ways for the humankind.