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Love and Compatibility for January 20 Zodiac

Structured Saturn will help you create a plan to make these lofty ideas a success for the long haul. These two powerhouse planets only travel through the same zodiac sign simultaneously every 20 years. Last year they were in close quarters in Capricorn. But on Monday, December 21, Jupiter and Saturn unite at the closest point in their orbits since This event, called the G reat Conjunction , melds their celestial superpowers together in your zone of work and money.

Keep your devices powered on because an offer too good to pass up could be headed your way! You could draw the attention of a heavy-hitting advocate. This Monday, December 21, brings the Great Conjunction in your work and money house, which could motivate you to start hustling.

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Start exploring your options, but if possible, wait another few weeks before you fully commit to any single path. Hotheaded Mars is in your emotional fourth house of home and family, and with the canceled holidays upon us, you could be feeling extra pressure around your clan. As Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn and your first house of self, it will be hard to bite your tongue, but equally difficult to deliver your truth with diplomacy instead of excessive anger or emotion.

Look back to August 13 and October 9, the two prior Mars-Pluto squares.

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You may also be getting a lesson in how to be compassionate when certain people need to air THEIR feelings around you, especially if you feel like they pull the sympathy card a little too often. Instead of seeing them as weak or whiny, try to get into their world and hear what things are like for them instead of bringing judgment.

A partnership could turn official, or you might have a heartfelt day of connection and understanding with one of the most important people in your life. Stay home and set up a sensual, ambient vibe—dimmed lights, candles, great music. The mystical vibes are also afoot, so set intentions with a ritual, asking the universe for a healthy and happy New Year, making vision boards or doing something to channel the energy that you want—and to bid farewell to the surreal and scary vibes of Moving on! Mars is taking the final month of its extended six-month tour through Aries and your emotional, tender fourth house.

For couples, plans to move in together, start a family or deepen your bonds could accelerate before the year ends. But Venus is trotting through libidinous Scorpio and your platonic sector until December 15, tugging you this way and that. In this simpatico relationship to Mars, the amorous planet can make you extra sentimental over the holidays. Being separated from loved ones only drives up the nostalgia.

Birthday Ideas for Capricorn

This could play out in a number of ways—with you either getting more deeply connected or mourning and accepting a loss. Enjoy a little emo cocoon time before you become the official head-turner of early !

Romance without borders! Keep an open heart and mind and have fun experimenting. Time will tell. December brings some time to finally relax after a huge year that kept you going nonstop, pandemic or not. In , three planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all traveled through Capricorn, a rare summit! An ending could be a simultaneous beginning at the total solar new moon eclipse in Sagittarius on December This eclipse could close one door and abruptly open a new one. Both planets are moving into revolutionary Aquarius, igniting your second house of work, money and values. One of your luckiest financial years in over a decade could await.

According to your horoscope, is a year when you put your mind into full focus and create the world you have longed to live in Capricorn. Is going to be a lucky year for Capricorn? Unlike in , the year will be extraordinary for Capricorns. And here we are talking about all the aspects of their lives.

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  6. The year will be one of the best years for Capricorns, full of material and emotional well-being. Whether you feel this or not, you can embark on a greater life adventure, so align your dreams with your reality. You can live the dream you aim for, so look at your calendar and see how you can colour it so you can have more joyful days than before.

    Pluto will exert pressure on Capricorns, a sign it transits for a long time approximately 16 years. The time when Pluto meets the Sun, it will be rich in revelations, inner transformations, significant changes in beliefs, attitudes. For some Capricorns, who are more evolved spiritually, all these transformations will seem natural, since they are already familiar with spiritual values, and they understand the need to transform something within themselves.

    Today’s Birthday Horoscope and Zodiac Signs Dates

    However, for others who are more pragmatic and more drawn to material things, these transformations may be rough, difficult to carry on, understand, and manage. To further your goals for the future you will begin a new alliance or new association group in mid-summer that is outside the norm for you and your need for the structure will pull you back into focus by early fall.

    Your usual responsible work behaviours, skill at management and order, organization and authority will be expressed in the relationships with others. The Capricorns will notice even from the beginning of that they feel different — how different depends on the decisions they made in the last two years.

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    • Money and Career Horoscope.

    For many, their finances might be somehow irregular for most of the year because some decide that they need to change their workplace. From April until August, they have the chance to improve their social life — either they will extend their group of friends, or they will attend more group activities. If they want to travel, November is the best month.

    You will find that finances again come from long-standing work relationships and partnerships, or the same career and work you have been doing. Other people and outside influences may interfere or restrict you in your financial transactions. You will be seeing really fine rewards investments or in buying and selling profit-making opportunities. It is time to continue to build and increase your assets. Status quo is the byword for your health this year.