Horoscope for february 24

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But it might be better, this week, to take it as permission to stop striving at all, and see what wild new forms your feelings take when you do. Practicality can be its own kind of tyranny, and this week you can shake it off.

Daily horoscope for February 24: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

You can think about poetry, or the changing light outside, or all your quiet, dreamy memories. Good change takes a long time, but it happens eventually, as long as you keep holding the door open for magic to enter.

Sometimes, you avoid looking too far into the past — as though nostalgia is a dangerous trap waiting for you to fall in. But reconnecting with your past can be a way to realign with your confidence, with your values, with your best and truest self. Doing so can help you remember the times when you trusted yourself the most, or when you felt most fully alive.

The urgent stress of the present can sometimes grow so big that it threatens to blot out the sunlight. You can fight for all this, too. This week, nothing good will come from comparing yourself to other people.

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Real change requires courage; it requires care. It can feel as though thoughts like this will begin to consume you as soon as you let them into your mind.

Horoscope: February 24, 2020

But this week, you can take them one. Your thoughts deserve to develop in their own time, according to their own quiet logic. They deserve not to be rushed out into the cold. This week, try to resist transactional modes of thinking, of interacting, of living. Try to move away from the idea that everything must have a purpose, that all your time must be productive, that value can be easily measured.

So many powerful forces have exerted so much energy to make you think this way, but you can still fight back. Closeness comes in different varieties, and at different levels of intensity. It is positive day for people wishing to earn money. You will succeed in fixing your personal life issues with determined efforts. Preparing for the journey to meet some special people will occupy your day. A job opportunity will come to you because of your intelligence and smooth talking.

Horoscope: February 24, - TCU

Expect less enjoyment as you will be burdened by family responsibility. Regarding your career, you can take a sigh of relief as strong indication of success can be seen. Take out time for yourself, as you will be occupied by family responsibilities. Being dynamic will save you from decreasing professional options.

Deal with a problem which can grow up to disturb your domestic life. Before you approve a proposal, examine its gains and losses. Strong relationship among family will result in great family time. Save your relationship by controlling your mood swings. There is no point in worrying about trip of young family member. Your savings will used by a unanticiapted expense.

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Expect your journey to be fun as you will have company of person you like. Expect good earning opportunities in near future.

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Take up meditation or yoga to avoid health problems. You will spend more time at office completing pending work.