Leo january 2021 horoscope in hindi

Mars is going to transit through the ninth house which forces you to expand your life.

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You will feel that there is so much out in the world for you to experience and learn and you might start something new during this time. You will go to foreign land and experience the new culture. Mercury transit in Capricorn will engage your mind practically and purposely. Your mind will be powerfully focused and you will achieve what you want. You will be cautious and think before you move ahead.

Leo Horoscope - Love, Money, Health, Career

Excellent time to plan things.. Venus transit in Sagittarius will make you extremely high spirited. You want to travel and explore yourself. You will make new friends. New relationship might be possible.

Leo Horoscope 2021: Check astrological predictions for love, career and health for the new year

You will be deeply romantic. Rahu transit in tenth house will help to get success at career. You might have to travel abroad.

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Job promotion expected. Effects of colors on human life.

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SINGH Rashi - LEO - Predictions for JANUARY - 2021 Rashifal - Monthly Horoscope- Vaibhav Vyas

Career Consultation or Career Prediction. How Honest is your Partner. Vedic wealth code. The ideal months for marriage are August and September. If you are not engaged in a love relationship, it is rather unlikely that this period will bring you any idyll. Most of January and February is involved with other people and their impact on your personal life. Those born August will need to be discerning when meeting new people as some confusion or mystery can exist for this group.

Although luck is smiling upon you financially, you should adopt rather prudent or conservative strategies. The money will not fall out of the sky following a lottery win, but through work, productivity, and inventiveness.

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Although you have no reason to be tight on money, you need to manage carefully and smartly your income and expenses budget. There is no reason for major changes in your job, but the way you go about it will need to be more professional this year. May could bring some changes, and most probably involve traveling or being outdoors. The last 6 months are better than the first. This depends whether your natal chart contains planets in Cancer, and if so, digestive or dietary matters may need to be attended to May and July. Those with planets in Virgo could find mid-August to early September, bronchial areas could be weak.

Since Pluto is well established in the health segment, it means that at any moment, it can sanction you if you make a mistake in your thinking, attitude, words, or acts. You should be cautious, follow a healthy and suitable lifestyle, and inform yourself properly regarding your general state of health. You will approach situations with a renewed sense of originality this month. Sure, everybody loves you, and with good reason.

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Whatever happens, eventually you will probably come up smelling like a rose as usual, both in love and career situations. Happy New Year! You could either piss somebody off by having a little fit of pique or you could say something that somebody takes the wrong way. These conflicts are likely to be within important relationships. Your only hope is to do some major ass-kissing to smooth things over. So, keep your lips puckered up and your mouth shut! Nobody should be worried about his or her job in this healthy economy, but it looks like some of you will be crying in your green beer this month.

So what if you have to give up all that you hold dear in the pursuit of the almighty dollar? After all, this is America for crying out loud at least it is where I am! You do everything in your power to attract the attention of your partner, however, avoid being capricious, because you have a lot to lose.

In the arms of your partner, you are like a velvet cat, purring loudly and contentedly. You question some uncomfortable sides of your personality, which makes you become aware of the fragility of your romantic relationship, and you do everything to solidify it.

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Your increases propensity towards fantasy makes your partner laugh.